Farm Animals

Our animals are all friendly, inquisitive, and love company. Most will eat from your hand, and all will pose for photographs!


Tulloch is home to a modest flock of blackface sheep. Lambing usually starts in April.

Every year we also help raise one or two orphan lambs from local farmers so each spring you can be sure to find bottle fed, friendly lambs in the farmyard following Farmer Robert like puppies. (Jack and Victor pictured)

The Tulloch Farm Dogs

You can help to feed them their bottle or just stroke and cuddle them. As they grow up they are introduced to the Tulloch flock, and will join the field with their new fleecy friends. Most of our sheep will eat sheep food from your hand.


In the farmyard you will meet our chickens and ducks led by Lenny the cockrel. They are happy to provide you daily with truly free range eggs.

Every morning you can visit the henhouse and slip your hand under a hen or duck for a warm, fresh,

Scottish egg for your breakfast! You can feed the chickens any bread or vegetable scraps and they will follow you looking for more!

Duck eggs are larger and richer – the secret to a good sponge cake is a duck egg!

Tulloch Mini Goats


Tulloch is home to Heidi and Henry, two pygmy goats born in 2012. They sleep in the barn at nightand come out to play in the farmyard by day.

Goats do not like rain or extreme cold so Heidi and Henry will burrow into the hay and straw to keep warm if they don’t approve of the weather!

Many people assume goats eat grass, but in fact they are browsers not grazers. They prefer leaves and branches, roots and shoots – and are not good lawnmowers.

Tulloch Highland Cows


We have a small herd of Highland Cattle at Tulloch. These beautiful native cows are striking to look at, with their shaggy red coats, and have a gentle temperament as well.

During the summer they graze on the lush green grass, and in winter they are fed hay or silage every day. The cows with the horns are female, and the ones without are the bullocks.

Please do not enter their field, as although they are gentle they are large, and don’t often look where they are going when they walk!

Tulloch Black Labrador Dogs


We have 3 resident black labradors. Lucy, Hamish and Archie. They love all of the guests and are very friendly.

If you want a dog to accompany you down to the river, to fetch sticks, or to sit in the sunshine for a tummy tickle then these are the dogs for the job!

If you have a dog(s) then they are most welcome to holiday here with you (click for details)


In the photo is our Clydesdale gelding, called “Tug”. He is the very definition of a “gentle giant”. 17hh tall and strong as an ox Tug would not harm a fly.

We also have a very cuddly mare (female) called Ceilidh who is Tugs best friend and field companion.

Both horses will hang over the fence to see if you have any carrots or apples. We are not insured for guests to ride our horses but there are trekking centres locally.

Why not also explore our play barn, for children and adults.